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Pictures From the Ex-Colegio

June 20, 2010

The Ex-Colegio is formally known a Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesusita. Several artisan, artists and other crafts workshop studios are located in the old Jesuit Seminary. Andy’s workshop is one of these. Here is his website Andrew Saftel Studio. Andy has been working in Patzcuaro at the Ex-Colegio  for a few months and it is a must see place!

Centro Cultural Antiguo Colegio Jesuita

Here is a link to some of his collections Andy’s Image Collections.

Artist Statement

I combine historical imagery, references to the daily flow of events, and personal philosophical musings to create works that respond to contemporary culture. I want to prompt reflection of what is lost: the passenger train, the agricultural economy, the jazz era, the primeval forest. Images of the natural world, such as plants and animals, are paired with images of technology and progress to symbolize two still interdependent elements seeking a balance.

The layering of the paintings is geological, a build-up of thoughts, emotions and physical interactions buried in the layers of paint. We see only the surface, but everything underneath influences what the surface eventually becomes. I use color to represent time, the spectrum changing as the day moves on, the cycle of days creating an atmosphere of hope and reassurance.

Andrew Saftel



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