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Origins of Frijolero

June 15, 2010

I first heard Frijolero while switching between radio stations. The lyrics are crude and vulgar telling the experiences of my Mexican bros in the USA. Its about illegals working in the US and racism. I did the reverse wetback thing working in Mexico. I was sent back because my papers were not in order. There’s more to the story but lets continue with the story of the classic of Mexican music, Frijolero.

For more on the origins of Frijolero click here.

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July 22, 2003

Memo From Mexico, By  Allan Wall

Molotov’s “Frijolero”— Malicious Mexican Music On MTV

“Frijolero”, a single recorded by the Mexican rap-metal Molotov attacking border “racism” is a big hit on Mexican radio, MTV en Español, and possibly even a U.S. Spanish radio station near you. It’s doubtless being played somewhere at this moment.
First, some background for the culturally deprived.
Molotov is the premier Mexico proponent of the rap-metal genre, and they are big. They’ve done extensive touring in Mexico, the U.S., and Europe, they’ve played in Argentina and Russia. Molotov has been written up in “Billboard”, “USA Today”, “Newsday”, The LA Times”, “The New York Times”, “Chicago Tribune”, “Rolling Stone”, “Vibe”, “Bass Player”, and “Rap” magazine, which called them “…one of the most important groups of Latin America.” They’ve appeared on the Latin MTV Video Music Awards Show, and earned gold and platinum records in various countries (including a platinum in the U.S.), and their music has appeared in the soundtrack of “The Big Hit” and on the Howard Stern radio show.

Although Molotov is a Mexican group protesting gringo racism, they seem quite fond of Gringo Corporations. The group is signed to and distributed by the American corporation “Universal Music”, Molotov has an American PR firm (Rogers and Cowan), their “Dance and Dense Denso” album was recorded in the U.S.A. (Larabee Studios in Los Angeles, California), and the “Frijolero” video was recorded in Austin, Texas.

[For video of Frijolero, click here…]
American citizen Allan Wall lives and works legally in Mexico, where he holds an FM-2 residency and work permit, but serves six weeks a year with the Texas Army National Guard, in a unit composed almost entirely of Americans of Mexican ancestry. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his FRONTPAGEMAG.COM articles are archived here; his website is here. Readers can contact Allan Wall at

Origins of Frijolero.

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