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The Weather, A Safe Subject On Michoacan Net

June 3, 2010

Politics & Religion are taboo here so I figure that Patzcuaro weather is a safe topic.

When I got to here I’d heard that temperatures were stable not varying by too many degrees between highs and lows. The rainy season was predictable. It arrived around the same time every year, lingered 3 1/2 months then left. You could run around doing errands in the morning and get back before the rains started.

This was true for my first two years but things changed shortly thereafter. Global warming perhaps?

So why did Patzcuaro have such a mild climate in the past? I have heard that large bodies of water such as Lake Patzcuaro keep temperatures around them from changing rapidly. Patzcuaro being next to the lake thus the mild climate in the past.

So what has changed? The lake is what changed! Over the years it shrunk by more the one third. That might be what is behind the climate change. We now see temperature ranges of as much as forty degrees between the highs and the lows for the day. We’ve recently experienced a mini rainy season that has been much of a surprise to many of us including the local community!

I’m not sure what the cause is but the indigenous communities around the lake have tell an interesting tale. It seems that in the dead of night folks from the big city of Morelia come with huge pipes and steal the water from our lake. That is the short version of the story. Now I don’t entirely buy into that but I must admit that this is a great story and much more fun that whatever is happening to the weather. Whatever the reason, Patzcuaro is seeing extremes in climate. What’s next a white Christmas?

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