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Hiding Our Heads In The Sand!

June 2, 2010

These day many Americans wish we could isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. We want to bury our heads in the sand and hope that our problems will go away!


We blame the rest of the world because American jobs have gone south. At one time I could say this was literally true. Some jobs have gone to Mexico but the vast majority are now in China. Weak efforts to bring the jobs back have not succeeded. Its just not going to happen! Those old rustbelt factory jobs are never coming back. Why should they? No one wants to work in a factory 9 to 10 under sweatshop conditions these days! Undocumented workers might toil at these for awhile but only until they find a better job.

Who can we blame for our hard luck? That is who is to blame for our high unemployment, home foreclosures, political gridlock, and the next crisis that comes along? News media is quick to point fingers and ask “What can ‘they’ do to see that this never happens again?” The news people seldom provide solutions! And yet they sit in judgment whenever anything goes wrong! This may sell papers, expand their followers and maybe even get their networks more subscribers. We all know how important Nielsen ratings can be!

The American public grimaces, shake their fists and demands action!  This makes me wonder about the education level of my fellow Americans. They have stopped reading newspapers so this may have had a dummying down effect. They are not even following what is going on around the world on the news networks! Let me correct that, I must admit that Fox News has a growing following. But that tends to prove my point. Education, or the lack of such, probably started the outflow of good job to other places. I would start to point out how far the US has fallen on educating its children but that’d be part of another blog blurb.

Let me stop here for now and ask the question “How did we get into this mess?”

Also "Exactly who is this so-called American Public?”

To be continued …

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